Friday, 25 May 2018

More Boats

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned the variety of boats you can see on Sydney Harbour. I may also have mentioned pug-ugly cruise ships.

I loathe these things for many reasons, not just aesthetic ones. The whole ethos of travelling without experiencing the places you're visiting is an anathema to me, and these boats are hugely polluting, buring the dirtiest of fuel non-stop even when in harbour.

If you ever see me on board one of these it means one of either two things - either I have lost my marbles, or I have lost any vestiges of taste I might have.


melinda said...

i'm with you on those awful yuuuuge ships....I will never go on any kind of would be a nightmare for me...trapped with so many people and not being able to explore on and when or where you want....I don't even care for bus tour groups on land....I want to go on my own, thank you very much

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Yes I agree and pictures don't truly show the size of them... They are HUUUUUGE.

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