Monday, 21 May 2018

A Shed Full of People

Another successful Claise ConneXion event under our belts. Yesterday it was a picnic and orchid walk at Chaumussay, attended by about 35 people. We had about a 50/50 split between francophones and anglophones.

Célestine trundling down the track at the picnic area.

As usual much food and drink was shared. On my table we particularly enjoyed Monsieur and Madame Fouchet's homegrown organic strawberries. 

A picnic shed full of southern Tourangeaux.

After lunch we walked along the old railway line to La Croix Sourd to look at the orchids that grow on the roadside there. The abandoned railway line is in conversion to a green way but not finished yet. The vegetation has been cleared and the sleepers and rails lifted, but a new track surface not laid.

We saw 8 species of orchids in flower. A big thank you is due to Mme Bruneau, the mayor of Chaumussay, who is proud of the orchids in her commune and ensures that roadside mowing is timed to allow the orchids to flower and set seed. Also thanks to her and the commune works department, the picnic area is well maintained, attractive and well designed.

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