Sunday, 13 May 2018

The Queenscliff Sorrento Ferry

The Manly Ferry wasn't the only boat Susan and I travelled on whilst in Australia - we also cruised across the entrance to Port Phillip Bay on the Queenscliff - Sorrento Ferry.

After leaving Susan's Uncle Ric we decided to avoid Melbourne as much as possible and take a less direct (but ironically more direct) route and travel in a straight line across the water rather than stick to the roads. This meant that the Mad Woman in the Box was useless, because she only does roads - amusingly right up until we were sat looking at the ramp into the ferry at which point she chirped up with "WARNING - ferry ahead".

Yup - I saw that, thanks...

Looking out through the heads

The ferry is a well oiled operation, and it only takes a couple of minutes to load it with cars and set off. It was a nice 40 minute break and an opportunity to view some amazing real estate whilst stretching one's legs, use the WC and have a snack, without actually stopping our progress. It's not the cheapest ($69Aud), but I think it was well worth it.

The ferry heading the other way

That would be nice...


  1. Yes that would be nice I love the boat launcher ramp or Lift if thats what it is...

    1. It'd be a great way to get the shopping up to the house :)

  2. Last time I went on it there was a three piece chamber music group busking. Gorgeous!
    What was the name please of the French woman cook/blog/YouTube you recommended to me?