Saturday, 26 May 2018

North Head -- the Flora

North Head, near Manly on Sydney Harbour is a nature reserve dedicated to protecting the coastal scrub habitat. As a result there are some splendidly Australian plants to be found there.

New furry red growth on a Saw Banksia Banksia serrata.

Common Correa Correa reflexa.

Dryandra sp.

Flannel Flower Actinotis helianthii.

Pouched Coral Fern Gleichenia dicarpa.

Grey Spider Flower Grevillea buxifolia.

Dagger Hakea Hakea teretifolia.

Mountain Devil Lambertia formosa.

To see photos of vertebrates and invertebrates of North Head, click on the links.

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chm said...

Gorgeous fern. Is it related to the male fern?

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