Thursday 24 May 2018

Progress is Slowly Being Made

The project to widen the footpaths (sentiers or trottoirs) in Preuilly sur Claise is progressing. At the moment there are two areas of focus: the whole length of Grande Rue, and the Route de Loches where it passes Notre Dame d'Eschelles.

It can be a bit of a squeeze if you're in a truck and don't use the diversion

Traffic lights have been installed to control passage past the works, alternating the low of traffic, and heavy vehicles are being directed via Martizay and Azay le Ferron. Because the works cover quite a distance, you can wait up to 3 minutes for the lights to change, and of course, traffic entering the road from any of the side entrances don't know what phase the lights are on. As far as I can tell this has led to confusion rather than serious blockage.

The widened footpaths are marked in red, and I have marked where the traffic lights are.

Don't get me started on how low contrast Google Maps are - I had to do some serious adjustment to that image before you could see there were any roads on it. Seriously Google - what were you thinking?

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