Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Even horses do it!

I have spent quite some time in the Chenonceau car park the past 2 weeks, which means two things: it means we are working (hooray) and it also means I have plenty of time to watch horses.

The overflow car park at Chenonceau, which is only opened on high days and holidays, is usually fenced off and occupied by two horses. This year there have been additions, and now there are four horses in there that spend most of their time annoying each other and charging around.

However, a couple of weeks ago a trekking group turned up with their four horses, set up a tether line in the picnic area directly across the fence from the resident horses, and went chateau visiting. Instantly the resident horses stopped their bickering, and took up a definite "you're not from 'round here, are you" pose.

I feel like there's an unflattering Brexit analogy there somewhere...


chm said...

Simon, I like your sense of humor!

chm said...

Or is it humour noir?

melinda said...


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