Friday, 1 June 2018

A Boonah Bonus

When we were driving back south from Susan's parents to my parents (and just before we hit the Lions Road) we hit Boonah at the same time hunger hit us. I have been to Boonah many times, but always with the band, and apart from the pubs we played at I've never eaten there.

I was therefore delighted to see an old fashioned milk bar/takeaway on the main street. These are a dying breed, having been over-run by chain fast food and fried chicken places, but Glens Diner appears to be thriving - and deservedly so.

We had proper hamburgers with beetroot rather than dill pickles, on a proper bread roll, served by ladies who look like they take no nonsense, and it was excellent. I may have gone a bit soft townie and had an iced coffee rather than a caramel milkshake, but apart from that it was a real blast from the past.

Sorry about the quality and lack of quantity of photos - by this stage wa had been travelling for 7 weeks, and food was more important than photography!

(Note from Susan: I really wanted to take photographs but it was impossible to do discreetly. I regret missing out on a superbly tattooed couple in their fifties and some splendid facial hair.)

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