Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Hippies for a Day

On Sunday Susan and I participated in our third Bouchon du Blanc. The first we went to (2014) we were along and last time Susan's sister and brother in law accompanied us. This time we went with Jim and Pauline, who turned out to be the perfect companions for a day of 1970's hippie madness.

We borrowed someone's beautifully painted Renault as a prop.

This is an incredibly well organised event, starting with a cup of coffee at 8.30, and moving on to la Gabriere for casse-croûte (baguette, terrine, boudin noir and red wine) before returning to le Blanc for lunch. Lunch itself was 3 courses - main of meats and salad (including some perfectly cooked cold sliced roast beef), before fromages and finishing with apple tart. All of it was extremely tasty, well presented and well organised, and at 15 euros a head, incredibly good value.

We then had a little post lunch relax before moving on the day's main even, the traffic jam. We did almost two circuits of the town before pulling into a car park, and walking past the now abandoned cars to a refreshing reward of a cold drink and an ice cream. All in all an excellent day. And we all behaved.

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