Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Walking From Preuilly to Villejesus

On a walking club hike about a month ago we started from just outside of Preuilly, walked up to the plateau, around in a big arc to the hamlet of Villejésus and back to our starting point.

Goldenrod Solidago virgaurea (Fr. Solidage verge d'or) growing on the edge of the forest near Boussay.

 Looking back at the Chateau du Lion in Preuilly sur Claise.

 Walking along the edge of the forest. This just happens to be one of my butterfly transects.

Millepertuis farm.

A view from the plateau, looking up the Claise Valley towards the Brenne.

An interesting garden feature in a complex of buildings we passed through.

The road from Preuilly sur Claise to Yzeures sur Creuse.


chm said...

Could that garden feature be a menhir brought from another place?

Susan said...

It never occurred to me that it was, but maybe it is. It's a big lump of slate and my guess would be that it's come from a quarry somewhere in modern times.

potty said...

That looks like my setter in the haltie!

Susan said...

She's an English setter called Dora, belonging to Gail and Chris.

potty said...

Ted thinks she looks rather smart.

Susan said...

I'll pass his message on :-)

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