Saturday, 28 October 2017

All Change!!

Tonight the clocks go back.

Last year the area around the Post Office and Mairie in Preuilly were landscaped as part of the "Heart of the Village" program. I don't think we ever mentioned the fact that we were getting some sort of sculpture where the Mairie car park used to be, or the fact that it looked like a sundial.

The council workers will be pleased to know it isn't a sundial, otherwise at 2.00am tomorrow they would be on overtime, shifting a great lump of steel and cement.

What we do have is a "meridian plane", which should point to the celestial north, as well as showing the astronomical and true horizons, and the zenith (basically straight up). There are some other really scientific (and to me quite complicated) things being shown, but I will need an astronomer who speaks basic English to explain them.

The whole "Heart of the Village" thing seems to have been a success, although it hasn't solved the perennial Preuilly problem, the almost daily 4 truck traffic jam.

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