Friday, 20 October 2017

Is it too soon to mention Christmas?

Christmas is just over nine weeks away, so we have decided to give everyone a helping hand.

Instead of expecting gifts this year (we'd be disappoint anyway, right?) we would appreciate it if when shopping you took a look at the Loire Valley Time Travel gift shop. My map of the Loire Valley river system is there, available on a range of cups and clothing, as is the Loire Valley Time Travel logo.

I was prompted to put the map on a t-shirt when we were on the walk from Chambon and someone commented on Susan's London Underground map t-shirt, saying that it wasn't much use in the middle of the French countryside.

We also have a range of Loire Valley Time Travel mugs. These are extra large coffee mugs (although I suppose they will hold a similar amount of builder's tea).

The shop is here:

Now - that's the adverts over, we'll resume normal service tomorrow!

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