Tuesday 13 October 2015

Villandry Looking Splendid

The late summer planting at Villandry is at its peak now and the famous potager garden is looking splendid. This year there are a lot of very dark purpley black plants set off with bright lime green ones and a sprinkling of soft grey greens.

Looking back over the potager from the herb garden towards the chateau.
 Curly kale, celery and artichokes combine in a striking 
contrast of colour and leaf form.
 Unfortunately looking straight into the afternoon sun for this photo from the belvedere.
Planting pansies and wallflowers to overwinter.
 Sweeping the box hedging to get rid of soil and weeds which have accidentally been dropped on it while preparing the bed.


Sheila said...

Hard to stop admiring those photos. Looks like they have some of my favorite Michelmas
daisies too. Can one walk among the gardens or is it strictly enjoy from afar?

Susan said...

I don't think there are any Michelmas daisies (Asters?), and now that you mention them, I don't recall ever seeing Asters in the formal part of the gardens. There are purple and white Cleome (Dictamus) in a couple of the photos.

The formal gardens can be walked around in via the wider paths, but not inside each block. They are not really designed to be walked around in, but to be looked down on -- a reflection of their renaissance roots.

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