Sunday, 25 October 2015

L'heure d'hiver

The clocks went back last night so daylight savings has ended. In English in the Northern Hemisphere you can use the mnemonic 'fall back' to remember that the clocks go back an hour at this time, and in March they 'spring forward.

Clock at the chateau of Cheverny.
There is a mnemonic in French as well, but it doesn't seem quite so neat to me. Octobre ends in 're', so the clocks recule (reverse). In spring, the month of avril reminds you to avance (go forward). Unfortunately the clocks go forward the last weekend of March, but I guess near enough is good enough.
Loire Valley Nature: A photo has been added to the Early Spider Orchid Ophrys sphegodes entry. This close-up shows just how beautiful these orchids are.
A photo has been added to the Spotted Longhorn Chlorophorus glabromaculatus entry. I used a whitebox technique to try to get the best possible detail on the beetle. I'm not happy with it, so I need to practice this some more.
A photo has been added to the Rural Tracks habitat entry. It shows a waterlogged track used by farmers and walkers in the Brenne.
A photo of Ectophasia crassipennis has been added to the Parasitic Flies Tachinidae entry. The species parasitises bugs.
A photo has been added to the Bloody-nosed Beetle Timarchus tenebricosa entry.
A new entry has been created for Purple Toothwort Lathraea clandestina. An unusual and attractive plant.
A new entry has been created for Wall Screw-moss Tortula muralis. This is the most common moss on limestones walls.
A photo has been added to the Common Twayblade Neottia ovata entry. These orchids aren't showy, but a close-up of some of the flowers reveals their subtle details.


  1. And we've "flumphed"....
    roll on "BOIOIOINNNNG!"
    I had a maiden Aunt who lived with her companion in Somerset....
    their "beaus" never returned from the Somme...
    my Aunt retired to her room for the Winter...
    to be waited upon by her companion...
    in return, they travelled in Summer to wherever the companion wished...
    as an infant I was always fascinated by their trunks...
    covered in shipping stickers to far flung places!!
    Spring and Autumn they "did" Europe!!
    They were, looking back, an original pair of DINK{Y}s...
    "Double Inheritance, No Kids!!"
    The Y for Yet didn't apply....
    but they were always very generous to my Dad!
    Possibly because they once drank him under the table on cider???

  2. Enjoyed the Rural Tracks photos. What a privilege to have such places to go walking. Here in the
    States if such tracks existed, I envision littering everywhere.

    1. They do make wonderful walking trails, and there is very little litter, even on the popular forest walks. Litter is in the cities and on the sides of major roads if you see it in any quantity.