Thursday 29 October 2015

The Prince's Garden

Prince Louis Albert de Broglie is known as Le Prince Jardinier and uses the nickname to market his line of garden accessories. He also has a longstanding genuine and serious interest in heirloom plants and sustainable agriculture.

The Tomato Bar in the grounds of the Chateau de la Bourdaisière, with its stupendous table made from a single piece of wood (between the high backed chairs).
 The dahlia garden, where 240 varieties were in full flower on 25 September.
 The Eolienne Bollée, which I believe is in working order.
Simon has updated our map showing the locations of the ones we have visited.
Money has been spent on Chateau de la Bourdaisière, but judiciously, not just thrown at everything mindlessly. Where a good sustainable option exists it is used. 
This garden furniture is made from pallets painted white.
 The famous tomato garden contains 650 varieties of tomato plants as well as 150 other vegetables, not to mention rose arches. It all looks wonderfully lush and healthy.


Sheila said...

Your winters must be temperate enough to leave all those dahlia tubers in the ground. If not, it would
be quite a job every fall and spring, Love the pallet furniture.

Susan said...

Dahlias will survive in the ground over most winters here, but do better if you lift them. I'm not sure what the Prince does. I thought the pallet furniture was well done.

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