Monday, 10 November 2014

What is the Name of This Street?

We have blogged about this little dead end before.

However, I was looking at the cadastral map for Preuilly, and noticed there was punctuation shown on the maps on the new cadastre37 website run by the conseil générale of Indre et Loire.
When I came to writing this blog post I went to the French national government cadastral maps in error - and noticed that the punctuation is different.
 So - what IS the lane called?



  1. It is not a Ha-ha unless it finishes at a sudden drop...
    it certainly isn't a !Ha !Ha....
    so it must be a He,he...
    or a Ho... Ho!

    And should be decorated accordingly at Christmas!!

  2. The lane runs along the bottom of the ha-ha - the ground level of the northern side is about 3 metres higher than on the southern side.

  3. In my opinion, the right spelling is on the last photo, unless there is another meaning that has been lost through the ages. Maybe it's what people said after hearing the prêche.

  4. So the impasse is correctly named on the Preuilly wall... shurely?

  5. Tim - not enough punctuation for my tastes. I would have a combination of all 3: Impasse du !Ha!-!Ha!

  6. These two links explain everything:

  7. It's in Wikipedia so it must be true.