Saturday 13 September 2014

Red Ants Nest

The soil is red and the ants are red in the Red Centre of Australia.
A la cuisine hier: Bavette (a thin steak cut along the grain), flash fried and served with diced homegrown potatoes fried in duck fat and homegrown caramelised onions made into a sort of fusion oriental gravy.

Pears poached in lightly spiced syrup. The pears are organic and were a gift from the world famous gardens of Villandry. The syrup, flavoured with vanilla, allspice, black pepper, cardamon, lime and star anise has been filtered and set aside to make sorbet.

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Tim said...

That sounds like a good ribsticking meal! We got 43kg of Stemster potatoes from 40 seed spuds out of a 3kg bag and yours came from that bag too. And there were some left over. Not a bad yield!

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