Monday 8 September 2014

Random Summer photo 1

Too much has been happening of late: what with rushing around doing eyes. working, sorting out cars and trying to run a household, some things have had to give, and this week that means blogging.

So for this week (or until we get ourselves sorted out), a series of random photos of the Loire Valley in summer.

p.s. I know why pirates have beards


John said...

Not sure why pirates have beards, except that like me this AM they might simply not have got around to shaving.

Anyway your random photo is still worth while. Anyone who cannot respond to a field of sunflowers with some sort of positive reaction has to have problem.

Very pleased to have you blogging again and to hear that you are able to work.

Simon said...

John. It helps to think about it in these terms:

1 Put eye patch on

2 Scrape very sharp blade across face

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