Tuesday 30 September 2014

Out of Africa

4 points if you can tell me where this is.
Fungi Foray: The Association de Botanique et de Mycologie de Sainte Maure de Touraine has organised a fungi outing to the Forest of Larçay for Saturday 4 October. Meet at the carpark by the entry to the forest at 2.30 pm. The fungi gathered will be displayed and identified in the carpark after the outing.

Once on the D943 (old N143), there is a roundabout signposted for 'forêt de Larçay' and 'Crématorium'. Take the Crématorium exit, then after 50 m the little road to the left marked 'forêt de Larçay'.
Quiz Results: This life size and extremely realistic model of a zebra has recently been installed in a corner of the garden at the Domaine de Candé. It's visible from the path that goes along the front of the stables and is near the water tower. A point to Colin for realising it's probably cast from a mould. CHM's suggestion of Beauval (the zoo) was good, and what I would have guessed if I didn't know where it really was.


Colin and Elizabeth said...

Out of a mold I would say... It's only miniature and certainly has never seen Africa... Other than that I have no idea although the building wall should be a clue!!!

chm said...

Could it be Beauval?

Susan said...

C&E: you are on the right track, but I assure you it is life size.

chm: no, but that's what I would have guessed if I didn't know better.

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