Sunday 21 September 2014

Down in the Canyon

In 2006 I joined my family on a trip that included walking Kings Canyon in the Northern Territory. That's my sister in the first photo and my dad in the fourth. The lovely white trunked trees that grow in the bottom of the canyon are River Red Gums Eucalyptus camaldulensis.
A la cuisine hier: Omlette stuffed with onion, tomato, basil and a little parmesan cheese, served with a big green salad. There's no doubt about it, tasty high protein eggs are the go for fast days, combined with vegetables for bulk.


chm said...

The Red River Gum, on the second photo, reminds me of the desert Smoke Tree Dalea spinosa of the Sonora Desert of Southern Calfornia.

Susan said...

chm: there could easily be some convergent evolution going on there -- grey leaves and white trunk for coping with desert conditions.

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