Friday 15 March 2013

The Rabbito

Back row, left to right: chicken legs and breasts, rabbit legs, chicken gizzards and necks (in plastic box). Front row: whole chickens (with giblets and heads), a guinea fowl just visible on the right.
This is the market stall where I regularly buy whole chickens (requesting that the head is removed), chicken necks (very cheap, make great stock and have a surprising amount of meat that can be picked off) and the occasional slice of rabbit terrine. I see them at the Preuilly market, and at Loches.

The Fouquet's, from nearby Abilly, raise poultry and rabbits for the market. They do a lot of value adding by making terrines and sausages.
Back row, left to right: shredded rabbit paste (rillettes de lapin), shredded goose paste (rillettes d'oie), rabbit white sausages (boudin blanc au lapin) and rabbit sausages (saucisse de lapin). In front, rabbit cocktail sausage rolls (mini four au lapin) and rabbit pancakes (crêpe au lapin).

Weather Update: yesterday I drove through a classic giboulée de mars on my way to the dermatologist in La Roche Posay (routine check for signs of skin cancer, nothing of significance to report). I had squally rain, a bit of snow and some hail, and it's jolly cold after our few warm sunny days not that long ago.
Loire Valley Nature Update: a new entry for London Plane Platanus x hispanica has been added.
A photo has been added to the Early Spider Orchid Ophrys aranifera entry.
A photo has been added to the Emperor Moths Saturniidae entry.


Tim said...

This post reminds me to get another bunny from them... we ate the last one... cooked in cidre doux last month... cook as for jugged hare.

They do do good scran!!

I've not noticed the mini sossij rolls before... verrry tempting!

Diane said...

Looks like a good stall. Have a good weekend. Diane

Colin and Elizabeth said...

I fancy trying a rabbit sausage or two when I get fixed!! C

Ken Broadhurst said...

What ia a rabbito?

Sheila said...

Enjoying these food-vendor posts.
My choice would be the sausages.
Beautiful orchid photo....won't
be long.

Jean said...

This trader doesn't come to the little market in LGP - must pop over and have a look sometime. I love the idea of rabbit sausage rolls.....gotta try some of those !!
The butcher in the village also has a stall on market day and sells some rabbits and chickens - which seems odd, to have a stall only a few yards in front of his own shop !!

Susan said...

Colin: something to look forward to!

Ken: a rabbito was someone who made his living during the interwar period in the southern states of Australia by trapping rabbits, selling the meat door to door and the pelts to hat manufacturers.

Sheila: I was really pleased with that photo.

Tim said...

Yes great phots... I still think that they look like Toad of Toad Hall... little waistcoat and all...

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