Thursday, 28 March 2013

It'll Buff Out

This pre-war Traction was part of the display put on by our club at the recent Auto Bourse in Chatellerault. I think it belongs to Jean-Louis, one of his many 'garden ornaments'.

The poster says 'Why you should buy a Citroen Traction Avant'.
Simon joked with him that it looked about 3 days work to get back on the road. Jean-Louis responded that 'no, no, it was 4 and you would need a good supply of wine'.

You can see that at one stage it had a sunroof, but it has been welded shut (probably it leaked...)
Jean-Pierre, our president, kept telling everyone it was a work of art now, and there is an element of truth in that. I don't think anyone has a serious intention of restoring it to working order.

What's left of the interior.

Two club members discuss the vehicle.


Colin and Elizabeth said...

When we saw it we thought about a week to restore it and a few cans of body filler. Looks like your club needs a good IT person 'Simon' their web site is a year out of date!! Like most French sites!!!

Tim said...

Colin... like most clubs, the average member just wants to meet people with a similar "hobby"... they don't want to get involved in the running of it... they just want everything to happen. It isn't just French sites that are out of date.... a website is only as good as the input... and members need to provide that input... on fellow allotment holder thought that I was paid to be Secretary... if only!! 2CVGB has a membership of well over 3,500... the committee is ALWAYS struggling to fill posts.

Susan, unless that car has a "special provenance" it just isn't worth trying to solve the metal worm problem... once all the non-rusty spares have been removed, she should be parked somewhere, the engine and bonnet removed... attractive, trimmable shrub(s) planted inside and in the engine bay and kept trimmed to the window and body line... look good up at the potager... you could put all sorts of nichoirs in and around it... and add a dead HY next door to it as a shed... save you having to cart tools too and fro'.

Simon said...

I believe the car is a 7C (although I could be wrong) There are so few of them that there is a register of the surviving cars.

I suspect the answer is welding rather than bog - I am not sure the feeble motor (1.6L) could drag around all that plastic and a driver...

As for websites - I struggle keeping our current, I am not going to pull on one in a language I have to think about!

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