Sunday, 10 March 2013

Corpulent, Provoking and Thirsty

Difficult to tell whether I'm describing the man or the motor really...

This is Simon in Namadgi NP with the Mercedes 4WD that was very kindly lent to us by his brother and sister-in-law during our recent Australian trip. Simon insisted on referring to it as Herman the Fat German.
If you live within the EU, please consider sending your MEP a letter  before 13 March. That is the date the European Parliament votes on reforms to the Common Agricultural Policy. Sending the message via this link will register your support for reforms that allow and encourage wildlife friendly farming practices to flourish. We won't have another chance to influence farming policy like this for many years. Biodiversity matters, and establishing wildlife friendly farming practices as the norm is the single most important thing we can do to improve our environment. Europe has been a man made environment for thousands of years, and our wildlife depends on how we manage that environment.

I've linked to the page in English, but if you go to the top right of the page you can switch it to French. If you live in France you must do this if you wish to send the email. (Likewise for other EU countries.)


  1. It was actually a mate in Queensland who said "fat, dumb and thirsty.... and that's not just the car"

  2. Gaynor: many thanks for taking the time.

  3. HFG... hungry fuel guzzler!

  4. Done...I still have a house in France,so feel qualified to protest at farming practices.

  5. Tim: HFG...not it's real rego number!

    Fly: many thanks.