Tuesday, 15 January 2013

The Warrumbungles

The Warrumbungles possess just about the best name and the best skyline of any place in New South Wales. The mountains have been a wilderness national park since 1953. Our original plan when we travelled through New South Wales in November / December last year was to overnight in the national park, but for one reason or another we ended up staying in Moree instead. We did, however, turn off onto the old highway in order to get the best views of the Warrumbungles as we passed.

 And just for fun, here they are from the 'back', that is to say, taken on our journey south, from the Castlereagh Highway rather than the Newell Highway.

Now we find they are in the news, with fierce bushfires raging through the national park, threatening the world famous radio telescope facility at Siding Spring and destroying over 30 homes. No deaths have been reported but the fire continues to burn despite slightly cooler weather improving conditions. For the story as reported in the local news, see the ABC Western Plains bulletin from yesterday.


  1. Your second photo reminds me of my beloved Salton City in Southern California. As the local saying goes, "Salton City, known for absolutely nothing!"

    Those fires are terrible. I do hope nobody's hurt.

  2. I love the name...
    I might adopt it as a word to sum up the way I feel at the moment...
    I've certainly got an attack of the 'warrumbungles' at the moment!!
    It is all this gloom.

  3. Yes I agree with Tim. I am very warrumbungled at the moment!!! Col

  4. chm: yes, that slogan applies to an awful lot of Australia!

    Tim & Col: I always think of Warrumbungles as a comedy word, not at all gloomy.

  5. Gosh, so many fires.

    What a great name for a place. Should we ever buy a cottage, that would be a good name.