Sunday 6 January 2013

Kings in Grass Castles

 The view from Simon's brother's house.


Tim said...

E-lucy-date, silverplate!
Kings in Grass Castles?

GaynorB said...

Are the lights causes by fires burning or just lights?

If they are fires they seem mighty close. The news reports of the fires and temperatures in Australia and Tasmania are terrifying.

Hope all is well with your families.

chm said...

What a great view!

Susan said...

Tim: kings in Grass Castles is the name of a well known Australian book. In the context I have used it though, it refers to the rumour that the houses in this area were built by those involved in the marijuana trade.

Gaynor: The lights are the Belconnen area of Canberra, not fires.

chm: it is indeed a great view and the photos don't really do it justice.

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