Wednesday 16 January 2013

A Closed Door

A superb repro medieval door in the Donjon at Loches, discreetly Chubb locked and warning of danger lurking behind. I assume it hides some of the electrical gubbins. It may have been made by the same team as made our staircase, as I know they have worked on the Donjon in Loches.


Sheila said...

Lot of careful measuring
involved there. One can see
that the door tapers at the
bottom, but it fits perfectly.

the fly in the web said...

They made a good job of your stairs....from my limited acquaintance with the artisan francais I can well believe he she it it would make a good job of a medieval door.....the middle ages was as far advanced as their apprenticeship went....

Pearl said...

Door trivia: Among the Six Nations natives in the 1800s, no one locked doors. A small branch placed in front of the opening told visitor to visit later; the person who lived there was away.

Susan said...

Sheila: yes, Jacky's a careful measurer. He measured for our stairs twice, because he couldn't believe how skewed they were.

Fly: better than the British almost absence of any sort of apprenticeship these days. Anyway, most of their work is in medieval houses, where one is foolish to adopt too modern an approach. I think they love the problem solving aspect of these old houses. Still, it's amazing what you can do with a crosscut saw and an adze -- you would almost think our stairs had been put through a planing machine!

Pearl: great piece of trivia -- thanks!

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