Saturday 12 January 2013

Asparagus in November

These 1kg bundles of fresh green Australian grown asparagus were about AUD$8 I think, in the monsterous and somewhat bizarre shopping experience that is the Canberra branch of Costco. Anything from diamond rings to bhuja mix available here. We bought oysters, champagne, asparagus, a fillet of Wagyu beef and a large fruit cake amongst other things -- all excellent quality and value. In the last decade asparagus has become big business in Australia, with the trade growing to be the 8th largest producer in the world and worth AUD$50M. Green asparagus is by far the most commonly available -- partly due to it being cheaper to produce, partly due to customer preferences. The Australian asparagus season is September to March.


Tim said...

Good old Costco!!
A shopper's heaven!!
Where's the nearest in France... there bl##dy isn't one.

the fly in the web said...

Green asparagus!

I'd always thought it difficult to grow and a fiddle to earth up for the white stuff...then I moved next door to a vineyard where it grew wild and discovered just how good the green stuff was.
After that no garden has been without it...including here.

Susan said...

Fly: yes, I can't understand the French attraction to white asparagus when the green is so much tastier.

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