Thursday, 31 January 2013

Gordons Bay

 Gordons Bay is a tiny beach between Clovelly and Coogee along Sydney's Eastern Beaches Coastal Walk. It is home to the local fishing club, who store their tinnies (aluminium dinghies) on picturesque wooden racks on the beach. Protected by an offshore reef, Gordons Bay is one of the few calm and tranquil beaches along this section of coast, and diving and snorkelling are encouraged here. There is an underwater nature trail marked by guide chains and you can see blue groper and baby sharks, sponges and sea urchins.


  1. And there was silly old me thinking that a "tinnie" was wot Festers" came in!

    Or are they hammered together out of old F#sters cans?

  2. Tim: I assume you know that only Brits drink Fosters? I can't think of anywhere in Australia that you can get it.

    C&E: yeh...It was so hot I wish we had brought our cozzies, but in the end we never even dipped a toe in. Tant pis.