Saturday, 30 July 2011

Where's the kitchen at?

We have been dropping hints about the kitchen - we mentioned the floor and the buying process, we even mentioned how I built the furniture. So far, however, we haven't posted actual kitchen photos.

This is because the kitchen isn't finished. The worktops (granite "Pedras Salgadas", more on which another day) don't arrive until September, and who wants to see the job half finished? We only have cheap melamine scewed to the top so far, so although you can see what it's meant to be, it isn't yet. The oak doors do look good though, and we like the hidden fridge feature and glass fronted upper units. In fact, we're pretty chuffed with the whole deal.

Still - the kitchen is looking almost there (if not quite) so a photo or two just to prove we haven't been slacking:

This is one corner of the kitchen - the preparation area. You can just see the cabinet next to the yet unconnected except for the oven cooker, and we also have a set of cabinets where the sink will one day be. We worked really hard on a method of filling in the gaps between cabinets so you dont see the carcass of the furniture between, and are really happy with the results. It did use more "filler" panels than I wanted to, but the result is worth it.



  1. I know it's not finished yet, but what I see looks great. I remember a time when your computer used to sit where the preparation area is now. LOL

    Quite an improvement!

  2. It looks great. Look forward to seeing it with granite on. It's an expensive finish but so worth it!

  3. It's really looking like a proper kitchen! The little glass units do look good.

  4. Classy! [bows in the direction of IKEA] Susan, you must be so happy to have working space in a well-laid-out kitchen again.