Saturday, 2 July 2011

Monster of the Deep

This is something I didn't expect to see in the moat surrounding Chenonceau:

In fact, it isn't something you ever expect to see. Twenty seconds later it was gone: a shoal of little fish swan too close and it shot forward, scattering them all. I don't know what the result was, but they do have a reputation as fearsome hunters, even little (about 40cm long) one's like this.

For those who can't identify it, here is a clue:



  1. Called in East Anglia a "Jack Pike" at this size... nice spot! The moat must get it's water from the river by a sluice.

  2. This has zero to do with your
    subject today; however, you
    cameto mind when I saw a piece
    in the NY Times about a French
    family who moved to New Jersey
    from Paris with their 1955
    Tracton Avant.

    You'll find the article under
    the "Automobile" section at the
    bottom of the web page. "Auto
    Ego; An Immigrant's Welcome to
    New York." Some good photos too
    in Slide Show. Looks just like
    Celestine to my untrained eye.

  3. I love Dad's Army. It was produced before political correctness was invented and when comedy didn't have to rely on foul language for laughs.
    Along with Alo Alo, Yes Minister, Fawlty Towers and a few others.

  4. Jean, I loved Yes Minister. Great laughs.

    If that had been the French army, our singing soldier might have been named "Brochet."

  5. Sheila - thanks for that - Célestine's slightly younger sister.

    Tim - I looked at the smaller fish, thought "I wonder if there is pike in there" and saw him...

  6. That scene from Dad's Army never fails to make me laugh every time I see it. The whole moment just sums up Capt Mainwaring (is that how you spell it?).