Monday, 25 July 2011

Simon's Birthday

Saturday was Simon's birthday, so we had a party. It wasn't the barbecue extravaganza in the orchard that we had last year for his 50th, but it included many of our good friends who live or holiday locally.

Even though I had said 'no presents' in the invitation, no one turned up
empty-handed, and you can see they've got Simon sussed.
Simon spent most of the party upstairs in the new bathroom, giving each couple as they arrived a personal guided tour. Everyone was fairly impressed, which is pleasing.

The washing up (minus most of the glasses). The old dishwasher
has died and the new one is not plumbed in yet.
I got to use 'the Italian Job Mark II', the new oven*, for the first time, to cook slow roasted shoulder of lamb with vegetables for those who stayed to dinner after the initial round of drinks and nibbles.


*The new range cooker will get a post of its own in due course.


GaynorB said...

The lamb and vegetables were absolutely delicious!Well done to the chef and the new oven.

Sorry about the washing up. Had I realised I would have volunteered Tim - if only to wake him up. At the advanced age of 56 he can't cope with very early mornings and late nights!!

chm said...

Happy Belated Birthday Simon, HBB for short, and numerous happy returns of the day.

I'm sure your guests were impressed by the job you've done on that upstairs bathroom.

Tim said...

Yes, we were impressed! The 'detail' stripe in the floor tiles looks even better live.
Susan, I thought you had a perfectly good dishwasher... or doesn't it work on its birthday?

Leon Sims said...

Happy Birthday young Fella.
You do spoil him Susan.
Looking forward to sharing a drop of red in May next year.
Hey I have a decade up on you.

Jean said...

I was impressed with the bathroom and as for those stuffed vine leaves.......!!

Amanda said...

Happy belated birthday Simon!

wcs said...

Sorry to have missed it (again)! Sounds like a good time was had. :)

And how about that Cadel Evans!

Niall & Antoinette said...

The stuffed vine leaves were great and the bathroom impressive--very swanky tiles. :-)
Sorry we didn't stay for the lamb. I'm sure it was as delicious as it smelt.

Diane said...

Belated Happy Birthday Simon. Diane

Simon said...

Yay! Happy Birthday me!!

Thank you to all those that agree :¬) I enjoyed the afternoon - and dinner was mega yum.

Ken Broadhurst said...

Yes, Happy Birthday Simon. I'm late with the wishes and we missed the party because we had friends visiting from California over the weekend.

Carolyn said...

Belated happy birthday from Ernie and me, Simon. That's a dandy birthday gift you have there.

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