Tuesday, 26 July 2011

A New Camera

I have recently bought a new camera as a reward for the work we have done on the house.

It's a Fuji HS10, which I bought because: it has a long telephoto lens (28-720mm), it does manual focus, and the zoom is a manual zoom, not a whizz whirr button that doesn't do the exact lens length you want.

I was playing around with the camera the day after I received it, and took the following photos from the courtyard of the chateau at le Grand Pressigny.

Full wide angle: I have highlighted the
area covered by the zoom lens
A detail of the wide angle photo at 100% sizeFull Zoom lens from the same position.
A detail of the zoomed photo at 100% size
It isn't the perfect camera by any means: it's slow to auto focus and takes a while to start up, and the image stabilisation is a bit weird (the camera clunks in your hand when the stabilisation is on) but for under £200 a bloke has to be happy.



  1. That's a great birthday present!

  2. Wow! That zoom is something else!

    I think le rapport qualité/prix is okay. No?

  3. When I pointed this out to Tim his reaction was one that you will be in tune with. It was ....

    "bloody marvellous"!


  4. Have a great time taking pics with your birthday present! Brilliant zoom!!

  5. I always love presents to yourself. You know what you need and WE are the lucky ones who will enjoy the end product. Thank you!