Sunday 3 July 2011

Frog Fest

Yesterday we visited the Etang de Ribaloche in the Forêt de Preuilly. The water level gets lower and lower as the drought continues, concentrating the frog population. As you walk past they shoot off the bank and into the safety of the water. It's like sychronised swimmers diving in down the line.



Leon Sims said...

One of my favourite creatures Susan.

Simon said...

Design inspiration for the 2cv, I am sure

Tim said...

Oi!!! Watchit matey!!
We'll set Magrat and Gytha onto Célestine. We may have to drive Veeeerry slowly over that new speed bump at Chaumussay... but that's down to the highly refined suspension that allows us to drive over ploughed fields [like todays parking at the Hunting Extravaganza.
Now slip a U-Tube clip of the Frog Chorus in below the superb frog pix, please!

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