Saturday, 12 December 2009

On Any Saturday

Winter is football time. As in the UK there is a snobbery about the various football codes: the round ball game is working class, and people of class will only reluctantly acknowledge they follow it, whereas rugby is seen as a lot more stylish.

Football at Charnizay. Yup - that's someone
rolling around on the ground (in agony, of course)
Every village has its own foot (soccer) team. At one time Preuilly sur Claise had 3 teams in different leagues, now it is reduced to one team in combination with Yzeures sur Creuse. Every village with a team has its own ground, and a lot of these are floodlit - in our immediate area both Bossay and Preuilly have floodlit pitches. They should be a focus for village pride, but alas they are sparsely frequented, and most of the action seems to take place around the bar.

If you're in the area and looking for a cheap drink on a Saturday afternoon, look for a football pitch. You will be helping the funds of a local organisation, and you might even see some football.



Jean said...

Now for quality football you need to get yourself up the road to Le Grand Pressigny, the best footie team in the region.


chm said...

At first, I thought it was the Abbey of Preuilly in the background, then I noticed the Burgundian style steeple wasn't there! Too bad!

Sheila said...

Check out today and yesterday's
entry on www.monte-carlo-daily- Beautiful
cars on parade.


wcs said...

Our local team is combined with the village next door. Mareuil-Pouillé. They come by every year to sell us a calendar. That's three calendars a year: la Poste, les Sapeurs-Pompiers, and the footy guys.

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