Friday, 4 December 2009

The Potager Continues to Give

Freshly picked and washed chard (silver beet, bettes or blettes), parsley (persil), beetroot (betterave), Jerusalem artichokes (topinambours), carrots (carrottes) and leeks (poireaux), photographed on 29 November.

Even in early December the potager still gives us fresh vegetables.

We mentioned yesterday that the forecast was for teeming down rain, so we would be spending the day inside. As is usual for times when teeming down rain is forecast, we had a lovely sunny (but cold) day, with a slight sprinkle of rain at 3.00pm. We washed Wednesday's grime off Célestine and put a product called "RainX" on the windscreen. This should mean we dont need to use the windscreen wipers nearly as often, and when we do they will be more effective

Talking of Célestine, we have been using
the dalles gazon, and it works a treat.



Ken Broadhurst said...

Watch out for those topinambours. We get explosive results — we ate some last night at dinner. Beautiful produce. I love carrots and red beets. All we have left is blettes and collard greens (besides what we have in the freezer).

Susan said...

Ken: Indeed :-) They are not known as fartichokes in our household for nothing!

Jean said...

Yes, but what about pumpkins ? When we ate one between us, over a few days, cooked in various ways, we were like little balloons. Maybe pumpkin every day for a week was not the best idea, but how were we to know?
It was a gift from a Frenchman. !!

Jean said...

Aha - another new header photo ? How long .......?

Simon said...

Jean- no to both:

No, definitely no, and no again to. pumpkins. Just..... no.

And header photo? nope - it's been tehre since Nov13. Didn't you comment back then?? :)

Jean said...

Simon - you're right, I did.
Too much chaos at home is addling my brain lately. Or is it coddling? Can't remember.

Ken Broadhurst said...

Jerusalem fartichokes. And artichoke farts. Hmmm. Pumpkins? Winter squash? Those don't bother me and Walt so much. But then we've been eating beans, as in chile con carne, off and on for a few days now. Good thing it's warm enough to keep some windows open. Sorry about all this...

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