Thursday, 17 December 2009

An Anniversary

Today it is 30 years since I graduated from College. There are photos of the graduation ball, but there is probably no-one in there you would recognise.

Tomorrow, when you have all stopped laughing, we will resume normal service.



  1. You look very happy in this photo. Glad all the exams were over, I expect !!

  2. Nice picture. Simon, try

  3. Love the red bow tie ... but can't imagine you wearing one today :)

  4. Jean - I was perpetually glad in those days :)

    Martine - is that a dare??

    Anon - verrry smooth....

  5. No use laughing--you'd have to laugh at everybody who graduated that year because everybody had the same hairstyle and glasses frames, and guys borrowed or rented the same jacket (though maybe the red tie is uniquely Simon).

    Word verification is "bedly." I leave it to sharper minds to comment.

  6. Even though I'm not very familiar with The Beetles I think your might be one of them in this photo!

  7. Carolyn.
    This was in the days before grad balls were a big thing in Canberra. I would be surprised if many people were wearing ties, let alone suits. That particular suit is the model's own - even in those days I owned 3 or 4 suits.

    Charles Henri The word verification is undabbl. I am not sure if that is apostate :)

  8. you look adorable and full of hope. bonne anniversaire!