Saturday, 5 December 2009

The Weather Forecast

I have mentioned the weather forecast a couple of times in the last week or so. I am not sure I trust it any more.

At just past 9.00 yesterday morning I was sitting inside, wonder if it was worth even opening the shutters, or if I should just go back to bed. The reason was the weather - according to our blog it was 1°c and raining.

Imagine my surprise when I looked outside and saw this:
They were right about the temperature, though. Very cold. I think summer is over.



Ken Broadhurst said...

Simon, I'm not sure AccuWeather is a good site for France. Why not use a French site? MétéoFrance ( might not be the greatest, but it does give you regional and departmental reports. Try MétéoCiel ( for detailed reports and forecasts, and MétéoX ( for frequently updated radar images. For the current temperature, there's nothing like a thermometer :^)

Simon said...

I've looked at all those (and used them). The problem is that none of them work! MeteoFrance says it is raining at the moment (it's actaully cold but fine) and have forecast downpours of biblical intesity the past 3 days. Meteociel I find is wrong even more of the time!! According to them we have had 1.3mm of rain this hour.

Its because none of them are actually anwhere near Preuilly - the readings we get are either Tours or Poitiers, dressed up as Preuilly.

Emm said...

Nice to know that French weather forecasters aren't any more accurate than American ones. Maybe it's because they have inside offices and never look out the window?

Ken Broadhurst said...

And you think AccuWeather, based in State College, Pee-ay, is better? Oh well, maybe it's the standard. Did MétéoCiel really say you got that much rain or that you might get that much rain?

Carolyn said...

My mom insists that her favorite weatherman always gets it right and that the weekend guy has no clue. Of course, both of them get their info from Accu-weather.

If you doubt the power of Accu-weather, just drive by their station sometime and see the intimidating collection of towers, meters, detectors, gauges, radar, telescopes, and probably tea leaves and Ouija boards.

We're in the same position you are--nobody gets our weather forecast right. Best to ignore it.

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