Friday, 14 November 2008

Three Mairies

I wrote a couple of days ago about SpeedFerries. They have now been taken into administration. I hope they sort this out, because we still have 3 trips across the channel left on a 10 trip voucher.

Footnote (boring techie stuff)
Yes, I have re-done the appearance of the blog again. All that should have happened is that the panel that shows our posts has got wider so the posts don't look as long. Blog templates are all designed to cope with 800 x 600 screen resolution, and whilst we do still have some visitors who have monitors set that way, most people use at least 1024 x 768.

Interestingly, I looked at the blog using Internet Explorer for the first time the other night. Isn't it weird! In IE the font size is smaller, all the photos have a disconcerting electric blue border (even though the coding is '000000' for black), and the neat closely dotted lines turn into something that looks like it should be on the edge of your jeans pocket. It seems a shame to me that more than half our visitors use a browser that is badly non-internet compliant for looking at the blog and don't see the page it is meant to be. We use Firefox to look at the internet. (If you do use Firefox, it's time to update.)



Anonymous said...

Hi Simon,
For different reasons I use Safari [Mac's browser] to look at blogs [and Firefox for the Internet]. The only problem is that most often only part of the pictures are downloaded. I don't know why. The rest is perfect. For instance, the first two of the three Mairies downloaded fine; of the third one, I have only the roof. Of course, if I click on it I'll have the whole picture.
That problem doesn't happen with Firefox though.
Again, congratulations.

Jenny said...

uh,Firefox. Sorry again, low-tech girl here. My screen looks just the way you describe and, me not knowing any better, I think it looks great. Now, I wonder what wonders I am missing. I will have to research this now with my higher tech hubby. THank you.

Anonymous said...

Should not like any blog visitors to think that the Mac's Safari browser cannot render a Blog adequately. We use a Mac with OS 10.4 (Tiger) and it is fine.

Congratulations, Simon, on the new look. Incidentally the new Preuilly website seems to have been improved and the early awful font used for the town name has been dropped.

Simon said...

It sounds like a problem Susan had earlier today at work - their internet connection was running slow and the photos stopped loading. If you hit the reload button it should solve itself.

It's a joy to use - a progression from the much missed netscape.

Anon (J&J?)
The Preuilly site has some interesting stuff on it, but I liked the old site better - this one is more Town Hall than I like to deal with!

Thanks for comments on the new look. We like it too.

Anonymous said...

The new town website is clearly a matter of interest and importance. I'm not sure who is running it, but I know it is a work in progress. If the new town hall administration is closely involved then perhaps this in itself is a good and positive sign. If the town can publicize itself and the area well, benefitting no doubt from the positive work done by Simon and Susan's blog, then so much the better.

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