Tuesday, 4 November 2008

A mystery stone

This strange inscription is on a stone built into the wall of a potager near our favorite place on the river: the site of the roman bridge.

We noticed it the day we went to the bridge early in the morning to take photos. I doubt if it is a really old inscription - a couple of hundred years maybe. What is interesting to us is that we have walked this path many times, but until we were aware it was an ex-roman road we had never looked at the wall close enough to see this inscription.


PS This evening I will be sitting up late in front of the TV with a glass or two of Wild Turkey, hoping that the nation that has appointed itself "The Lone Superpower" can reach some concensus - peacefully and with dignity.


Anonymous said...

I really love your sense of humor. LOL

Jenny said...

I should join you, meaning watch the results here stateside with our own little stash of Wild Turkey (usually kept for medicinal purposes). I am very excited about this day in American History.

Simon said...

I lasted until the phone call was made, but didn't make the speeches - I have left them for today. The medicine was yummy.

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