Tuesday, 11 November 2008


When we drive to France, we usually travel across the Channel with Speedferries.

Last Thursday the ferry was impounded by the Boulogne Port Authorities for non payment of Harbour Fees. Thank goodness we weren't travelling that day as this action seems to have been completely unexpected.

The ferry - SpeedOne - was built in Tasmania in 1997, and before coming to Europe spent 2 years in the Royal Australian Navy as HMAS Jervis Bay, transporting troops and equipment between Darwin and East Timor for the peacekeeping mission.

(Interesting note here - one of Rick's sons travelled on HMAS Jervis Bay when it was in service with the Navy)


p.s. You may have noticed a slightly sharper look for the blog. It's an interim thing, as I am trying to completely redesign its appearance but xml coding currently has me defeated.


Jenny said...

Simon, the site headear looks wonderful. How did you do it? Mine looks low tech and well that's me--low tech. Thank you for the Veteran's day reminder.

Jenny said...

um, not headear, uh, header. Goodness.

Simon said...

Jenny - I do Photoshop :¬)

It's a photo and text, but the text is the same colour as the page background and then given an internal shadow so it looks like a cutout. I could have done a cutout of the text, but that would have meant the drop shadow of the photo and text would have been the same (and therefore tricky to balance)

It's something I knocked up in 10 minutes at midnight last night. I will admit to some embarrassment that it was necessary because I couldn't code the template for the brand new look properly.

Anonymous said...

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