Wednesday, 15 October 2008

More Trompette Music

This was filmed in complete darkness at the end of the concert. Isn't technology wonderful!

On a completely differnt note..... (sorry!)

Statistics are interesting things. No, honestly, I'm not going to go all nerdy on you.

You may have noticed in the left hand column a number showing how many visitors we have had. This does more than just count - it tells us quite a bit about you

For instance, over the last week:
  • 28.39% of our visitors are from the USA
  • 23.70% from the UK
  • 21.35% from France
  • 11.46% from Australia
  • The other 15% of you come from 15 other countries, except for 23 of you who are stateless, floating in space or just plain too hard for the counter to find.
30% of you have us either bookmarked or come from a feed service, and 18% come from a search engine. It will come as no surprise that 93% of searches are done on google, but what may surprise is that over the past week 20% of searches have contained the words "snakes" and "France" (it doesn't surprise me, it has been like that for months). Recently "big black beetles has been a popular search, as has "giant moth". Some of the searches that lead to our page you just wouldn't want to know about!

Quite a few of you (I'm not going to work out exactly, it's about 20%) come from other blogs, notably Ken's and David Lebovitz's, either from their links or from comments we have left there. Other people click on the link we put at the bottom of all our emails and forum posts.

Not only do we know where you are and what youre looking for, we also know about your computers:
  • 68.60% - Windows XP
  • 11.80% - Windows Vista
  • 10.20% - Unknown
  • 7.80% - Mac OS X
  • 1.00% - Windows 2000
  • 0.40% - Windows 2003
  • 0.20% - Linux
  • Only 5% visitors over the last week have their monitors set at 800x600.
It is also interesting how many more people read comments than leave them. For every 4 people who reads the comments (about 25% of you) only one leaves a comment of their own. We are surprised at how few people click on the photos to view them full sized (rather than shrunk to fit in the blogspot box). I can't believe it's only about 5% of you, but that's what the computer says.

Don't get scared by all this - These statistics are kept by everybody, on every site you visit, and are helpful to site owners because they let us know what you like to see, and how you're seeing it*. We don't get your name or address, and quite often even the city it says you're in is wrong.

Interesting stuff, eh?


* I could go into a rant about Internet Explorer here, but I will restrain myself. Just.


Anonymous said...

Probably I fall among those who read the comments but don't comment, and the reason is my ineptitude. I only read others' comments when I plan to comment myself, but some of the time I'm so slow that by the time I do the word verification it has changed on me and I don't notice that my post hasn't gone through. Just think of all my golden thoughts you've been missing!

Anonymous said...

Hi Simon, Thanks for all the stats. Feedback is always interesting, mostly I am just too bleedin tired to leave a comment,however I will make an effort in future if I am not home too late.margie

Anonymous said...

Well I come to your site from Ken's and since he has you on his blog roll it is easier and I know I won't miss the "regulars" :-)

I am from Canada ( Montreal) actually and use an iMac.

Bonne continuation

Simon said...

Glad to see the faces - old and new - popping up :)

I like comments - We learn as much from your comments as you (hopefully) learn from us. We get quality comments, rather than quantity.

I have to admit I am as guilty as anyone else at not leaving comments.

Susan in Lille said...

wow - that is impressive! Do you get this information from Feedjet or can you get it from blogspot directly? I would love to know more about my audience. I don't get many comments though...wish I got more. Of course...this could be directly tied to my content as well. Ooops...

PS - I never click to enlarge the photos. Not sure why. I just mostly like the content I think.

wcs said...

I like that you've included "Strange Maps" in your blogroll. That's one of my favorite sites and I've been visiting it for quite a while (I am, among other things, a map nerd).

I just discovered that I don't have it in my own blog roll. I guess I have too many links already, and I hate taking blogs off the link list unless they've actually closed down.

And I just realized that this comment has absolutely nothing to do with your post.

Le Pré de la Forge said...

seven years has passed us by since you posted these stats...
how about doing another "nerdy" post on what they look like now in comparison to the above...

and on a different note...
I've just played the two lots of tromp muzak to the cats...
they can get their ears into wonderful positions!!
But it didn't have the same effect as squeezed cat muzak...
that send them diving for cover!!

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