Saturday 18 October 2008

French Websites

I don't do rants.


One thing that really annoys me is French websites.

Why do they all have to be flash heavy, noise laden, with music? When I look at a website I am looking for information, not a complete entertainment package. What on earth is it about these people that makes them think I want to listen to their appalling choice of lift music? Why do I need a clicking sound if I put my cursor over a link? Are they convinced I am so interested in their business - before I have even read anything about it - that I am willing to sit and wait for their revolving, sliding all over the place, fading in and out pictures to load?

I have news for them - and for website owners in any other country, too.

I don't like these things. If I arrive at your web page and the text isn't loaded by the time my eyes have focused, you have lost a customer. No matter how good your product is.

Your website should be an advert for YOUR business - not a boast of how "clever" your web designer is.

So there


I had debated with myself (it's fun, you should try it) as to whether I should put links to some of the websites I find most annoying, but I will save their blushes.

Instead, I will post a nice, calming photo of the Claise river at Martizay
There. That's better.



Anonymous said...

>> Why do they all have to be flash heavy, noise laden, with music?

Oh so true, it's like travelling back in to the dark days of the internet.

Even sites like tourist boards are full of junk and terrible navigation.

I cross my fingers sometimes when launching some site hoping they won't crash my browser, and it ain't easy typing with your fingers crossed ;-)

Susan in Lille said...

I am right there with you Simon! I would like to post a message to France; "USA 1999 CALLED AND IT WOULD LIKE IT'S FLASH RIDDEN UNNAVIGABLE WEBSITES BACK!" I used to work in a custom development shop when this stuff first came out, it's like a flashback. Small pun intended...

Anonymous said...

"Flash" is the bane of the internet, I curse the day it was invented.

Simon said...

Susan and I were discussing this the other day, and decided that the way French websites are is the reason you never seem to be able to get a reply to an email to a French business: because the internet is so much obviously for kids, what with its music and flashing lights, real business can't be done via the web.

I don't know if other people have the experience, but emails will be received, the contents noted, but very rarely will you actually receive a reply. (either that or our email filters everything from French ISPs...)

Anonymous said...

Ah I fear that may be to do with French bureaucracy, you obviously didnt send it in quadruplet with a signature endorsed by a town official between the hours of 0900 and 1200 on the third Thursday of the month!

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