Saturday 4 October 2008

It's Wine Fair Time!

Every year about this time, the Supermarkets hold "Foire Aux Vins", or wine fairs.

I am not sure how much value they are, but the catalogues that pop through the letterbox (assuming you don't have a "pas de pub" or "stop pub" sticker on there) or pick up at the supermarche are quite useful for telling you the kind of stuff I don't know - how long to cellar the wine for and serving temperature, region and grape variety. Each wine is shown with all this information, along with details of any awards won

The best catalogue I have is last year's leClerc one. I didn't get their catalogue this year, but I did get one from both Intermarche and SuperU, our nearest supermarkets. After buying a couple of bottles of wine I went home and read about them. I buy on price, mainly, but as I learn more other factors may come into play. This year most of the wine I have bought is "drink within 12 months", but there are one or two "put down for 2 years". They are mainly Burgundys (red and white) Gamays (red, but served chilled), and a couple of Muscadets (white).

I am looking forwards to learning more about wine. I think I will take the "teach yourself" approach, because there are one or two aspects of that which appeal.....


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