Sunday, 17 August 2008

One for the Roofing Fetishists

Le Louroux is a village we pass through on our way to and from Tours.

At the moment, there is a huge amount of building work happening at the chateau. The outer defensive wall is being rebuilt, and it is being re-roofed.

It isn't the only chateau we pass on a semi-regular basis that is being re-roofed, and whenever I see one of them I think "aren't I glad I'm not paying for that".

Not that I would mind owning a place like this.



wcs said...

That looks beautiful. Do you know if it's open to the public?

Simon said...


I don't think so. I have looked at the webpage of the village, but it really only mentions the church, a couple of houses and the lake (apparently, the largest man made monastery fish pond in France).

Oh - and the gliding club. Apparently you can have a ride in a glider for not much money. Me? I like at least 4 engines on my planes,. Any less and I feel slightly nervous.


Anonymous said...

Some years ago when we were in Provence we stayed beside a decaying chateau. The place was falling into ruins apparantly because the heirs could not agree on what to do. I noticed that the roof was in pretty good shape so I asked about it and was told that some French law states that if the roof is Ok the place can't be sold or divided or whatever.

Tim said...
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Simon said...

Tim. Now fixed. Thanks

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