Saturday, 30 August 2008

Buildings on the Market Place - No 6

Numéro 6, Place des Halles, Preuilly sur Claise, is currently just an empty shop window, but in 1920 it was a clockmaker's.

According to Roger Lezeau, the clockmaker Fanon always wore a grey jacket and had two competitors - Niebling, directly across the square, and Liot, who had a shop a little further away in Preuilly. Amongst Fanon's responsibilities was the prestigious job of adjusting the municipal clock on the façade of the town hall.

(Roger Lezeau's comment translated from his article in Les Cahiers de la Poterne, No34. Monsieur Lezeau was born in 1912 and is a great source of knowledge about the history of Preuilly.)


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