Saturday, 2 August 2008

New Businesses in Town

When we first saw Preuilly, we we a bit worried by the number of empty shops on the Grande Rue.

Since then a few shops (one of the charcuteries and the newsagent) have shut, but one or two new businesses have taken their place. Two of these are Immobiliers (maybe the French village's "Shoe Event Horizon" equivalent) and of no real interest to us now, but the third is Le Twenty, Preuilly's new internet cafe/restaurant.

This is good news. We now have somewhere to go at any time of the day to have a coffee, crepe or ice cream for very reasonable prices. We first went there with Susan's parents in May, and I have since been back to use the internet connection.

You can find it on Google Maps here. This may be a good time to point out we are on Google's "Street View", as a special happening for the Tour de France.


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