Friday, 23 November 2018

The School Bus

 The school bus drops off a little kid in the small village of Chaumussay.

The school bus service in our area is run by the Centre-Val de Loire regional bus service Rémi. They transport 15 000 pupils every day. Parents have to register their children with the service by July before the scolastic year, which costs €25. If they are late they will be charged an extra €10. The children are issued with a carte de transport (transport card) with their photo on it and their daily journeys are free. Children must live more than 3 km from the school to be eligible to be picked up at home, dropped off at school, and returned in the afternoon. The school day starts at 8:45 am and finishes at 4:15 pm. The school bus service is provided in order that children in small communities where the schools have closed, or low income households, or isolated rural communities all have an equal chance of attending school as any other child in the country. 


Ricks Carson, Atlanta said...

Chouette. Tous le meme je suis surpris qu'il y a un frais.

Susan said...

I think it varies from Région to Région, and I imagine there are mechanisms for covering the fee for low income families, just like there is for school meals.

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