Tuesday, 27 November 2018

A Walk From Chaumussay

On the afternoon of Thursday 22 November we joined our local walking group for 10 kilometres of walking on the white roads around Chaumussay. The day did not start out with promise. Thursday morning is market day in Preuilly and it was cold, grey and wet. Miraculously, after lunch it warmed up and the sun came out, just in time for our walk. Here are some pictures:

Coming in to the hamlet of Viaullières...

...where we roused a friend.

Some strong red bramble leaves.

The village in the distance is Preuilly sur Claise.

We passed one of my butterfly transects.

A semi-troglodytic shed.

Looking up the Claise Valley. I am sorry to see the tractor -- this field used to be pasture.

The little village of Chaumussay, tucked down in the Claise Valley.


Tuesday's Training Tales.
Talking of walking - last week we covered 17km, and because we were away from home for 2 days we managed to get to the pool in Tours for 1,000 metres of swimming. The swimming was particulary entertaining as the water temperature was over 26°C whilst the air temperature was about 1°C, and the pool appeared to be steaming in the dark. Way cool!


chm said...

Walking, and listening to good music, was one of my great pleasures in life, ageing has taken that away from me! Glad you can enjoy it and share with us.

Susan said...

Yes, it is difficult to replace some of those activities once you can no longer do them. Deafness is particularly isolating it seems to me.

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