Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Cheesy Chardy Tractors

Not far from us, near Chatellerault, there is a wheat farm. The couple who run the farm make pasta out of their wheat, which I buy often. It is excellent. I especially like the tractor shape, which is perfect for making macaroni cheese.

Little pasta tractors.

I also frequently buy chard, either from the Aged One or the Jardins Vergers organic market gardeners who come to the market in Preuilly. 

Chard (aka silver beet) growing in the Aged One's orchard.

When one of our English friends delivers a block or two of cheddar I have a trio of ingredients that go perfectly together and I can make cheesy chardy tractors.

The Aged One with a bunch of chard for me.

The recipe I use is on Simply Recipes.

Two individual servings for the freezer.

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