Saturday, 17 November 2018

Madrisa Land

The Madrisa is a mountain in the Rätikon mountain range overlooking Klosters. Its summit (2,826 metres) is located near the Austrian border. The Gondola departs from Klosters-Dorf to an altitude of 1,887 metres, and you can hike from there to the top of the Alp, which takes about 3 hours. We didnt.

The Gondola departing Klosters-dorf

Once you get to the top of the mountain you have a choice of paths to walk, as well as a couple of restaurant complexes and a huge childrens adventure playground. We discovered that it is as well to carry cash (Swiss Francs, of course) as they dont have credit card facilities. This meant we could LOOK at the beer, but not sample any.

Looking back towards Klosters

Madrisa Land is a childrens' paradise

We enjoyed Madrisa so much we went there twice, once with JB and Rosie, and once with Dad. The second time Dad sat and enjoyed the view, while Susan and I went for a little wander in an upwards direction. Not far, mind you - even at that altitude you notice the lack of oxygen. We didn't participate in any of the activities - either hiring bikes to roll down the hill, or (even more scarily) off road scooters.

Looking towards the Madrisa.
Yes, that's an alpine pig-sty in the foreground

Next year, maybe...

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