Wednesday, 21 November 2018

It's the Pompiers

On Saturday afternoon there was a knock on the door, which I opened to find two young pompiers looking hopeful.

Yup - it's that time of year when we are inundated with calendar sellers, some of whom we really support, and some of whom we kinda tolerate. The pompiers definitely fall into the former category, being an extremely important voluneteer organisation.

This years calendar isn't only dates, it has games and stuff. Often some of the other calendars (particularly the Post Office's) try to cram an encyclopedia's worth of information onto the 12 pages in microscopically small type, but the pompiers calendar this year is useable. Bravo!

I'm saving this for Christmas Day.

I love this photo (which I took on 11 November this year) of our Pompiers looking purposeful.


I'm getting really bad at remembering Tuesday's Training Tales, so I am going to attempt Wednesday's Workout Report. (Doesn't really work, unless you do it in an Elmer Fudd voice.)

Last week we walked a bit but didn't do any swimming. 17km of walking, all at moderate pace. Now we can walk, we're trying to slow it down, because we won't be galloping over the alps.

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